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Review: Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream

As I haven’t had a chance to try one yet, I thought I’d share a quick review from The Vegan Hostess. So, here it is – Ben&Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream review!

Hi all, So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve probably heard the buzz about the new non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s product line. It’s been selling out around town, …

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Accidentally Vegan

This will be a list that I will (hopefully) add to continuously of accidentally Vegan junk food! This is using PETA’s list of accidentally vegan food, and although I think these are all vegan please double check ingredients, in case I got it wrong (!) or the ingredients have changed. X Continue reading “Accidentally Vegan”

Pizza and Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

The base for this pizza is… quinoa! It’s super simple and has few ingredients. I know it sounds kinda weird but I swear this is one of the nicest pizza base recipes I’ve ever had! Continue reading “Pizza and Sweet Potato Fries Recipe”

5 REASONS: Pizza Express Loves Vegans

An amazing blog post by – xx

Sunny Kitty

Pizza Express is rapidly becoming one of my go to chain restaurants if I want a good vegan meal out. It’s great because my friends don’t mind going there either and they often have loads of deals which makes eating out really cheap. Obviously they’re food is delicious and they have a great atmosphere, but most importantly they make a proper effort to actually feed vegans!!

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