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Why vegan?

Veganuary- an honest article

This article was amazing! It’s from the Independent and it perfectly sums up why something like veganuary is such a good idea- hope you like it.



Why Vegan? For health.

People swear by veganism. So many claim that a vegan lifestyle can cure diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc etc. However, what’s really happening is these people have become healthy. It is their healthy lifestyles that have cured them. I believe that veganism is optimal for they body, but what people must know is if you continue to eat crap your body will feel, act and be crappy. Simple. Continue reading “Why Vegan? For health.”

Why Vegan? The people.

why veganFor the people-

Everybody knows that famine and lack of clean water are huge problems in the world today, especially in developing countries. As much as charities and organisations like Save The Children and WaterAid are trying to help, 650 million people are still living without safe, clean water and up to 900 children under the age of 5 dying due to lack of clean water and sanitation. Continue reading “Why Vegan? The people.”

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