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5 REASONS: Pizza Express Loves Vegans

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Sunny Kitty

Pizza Express is rapidly becoming one of my go to chain restaurants if I want a good vegan meal out. It’s great because my friends don’t mind going there either and they often have loads of deals which makes eating out really cheap. Obviously they’re food is delicious and they have a great atmosphere, but most importantly they make a proper effort to actually feed vegans!!

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Why Vegan? For health.

People swear by veganism. So many claim that a vegan lifestyle can cure diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc etc. However, what’s really happening is these people have become healthy. It is their healthy lifestyles that have cured them. I believe that veganism is optimal for they body, but what people must know is if you continue to eat crap your body will feel, act and be crappy. Simple. Continue reading “Why Vegan? For health.”


It is official. Ben&Jerry’s vegan, dairy free ice cream are now officially here!!

It is fair trade certified and non-GMO, it has four flavours and know think I’m gonna love them all!!



High fructose corn syrup- definitely bad, fructose from fruit…?

I’ve had people come straight up to me and say “you eat too much fruit, that’s bad for you”,  “a smoothie for breakfast? Do you know how much sugar is in that?” and things along the same lines. I love fruit. The fact that people think it’s bad for our health…That confuses me. Fruit is probably the most nutrient dense food in the world.  It is full of naturally occurring sugars, yes- but does that make it bad for you?

Lets start with where fructose got it’s bad rep. High fructose corn syrup.

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Vegan Ben&Jerry’s Ice-Cream?

Ice cream, vegan and Ben&Jerry’s scarcely ever make it into the same sentence, so when I heard that the famous b&j’s were making a dairy free ice cream- I freaked. Continue reading “Vegan Ben&Jerry’s Ice-Cream?”


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